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Pretty amazing; it never seems to stink. It wicks away the sweat nicely.

Tim R., San Carlos, CA

It did better than polyester during strength training.

Eric C., San Francisco, CA

It worked really well for sailing today...

Bob N., Los Angeles CA

the material of the shirt is very unique, it is less heavy then average t-shirt, remind me of the cotton used in the early 90s...

Dani T., Mountain View CA

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Our Fabrics

It all starts with 100% Authentic Egyptian Cotton. We went to the source where cotton has been grown & made for centuries. We offer two base fabrics that stem from “Giza-86” cotton, which has the best long-staple cotton fiber, that allow us to make a thinner & stronger thread to produce our fabric. The result is a soft & finer fabric that is smooth, durable, & very breathable. Plus, it still has the comfort you’ve come to love with cotton.

We also developed a new process in our manufacturing process that can allow cotton to have a fine shimmer previously only found in silks & artificial fabrics.

Both our Light Cotton & our Light Shimmer Cotton options have the soft light feeling you expect from cotton, but with a sleeker look. Since our threads are thinner, the weave of actual shirt is more tightly woven and the fabric itself looks smoother. We also take an extra step with our shirts to remove all the little extra “ends” that low end cotton shirts have.

Light Cotton

Light Shimmer Cotton