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What is the thread count?

Thread count applies to woven fabric like sheets, jeans and dress shirts. But they do not apply to knitted fabric like tees.

Thread count is a rough indication of the cotton quality since generally you get high thread count using fine yarn (with high count) that is made out of high quality cotton. We already use high quality cotton.

What about Egyptian cotton grown in other places?

China, India, Israel and others smuggled different Egyptian cotton seeds and tried to grow them on their soil, but the resulting cotton wasn’t at the same quality. Climate and soil affect the quality of the cotton. Furthermore, not all places in Egypt grow the same level of cotton quality.

How are you reducing your prices without cutting quality?

We are cutting out the middle man, instead working directly with yarn factories, garment factories and printing shops to control quality. As we grow, we plan to work directly with farmers to increase their profit and have better control over the produced cotton.

Do you use Organic Cotton?

Our cotton is not certified organic, but the seeds are organic seeds and the methods are pretty much organic. For example, pest control it is done mostly by hand. In the future, we want to fully enforce organic practices by working directly with farmers.

What makes Glimpsee cotton better than others?

Cotton is a plant, so it depends upon the seed and the place it is grown in. Northern Egypt is a top place for cotton, much as Columbia is seen as growing top coffee beans.

Plants are affected by soil and climate and the methods used to grow them.

Why is it the perfect workout reward?

During a hard workout, your body receives tremendous stress. Thus, comfort it and let it breath afterwards. Athletes naturally wear flip flops or sandals after workouts to allow their feet to relax. The same goes for the rest of the body and nothing can do that better than the finest cotton manufactured to the best standards. And why not pamper your body in style?

How long will it last?

No more counting the washes until your favorite tee becomes so washed out that it only functions as sleepwear or becomes so rough you can’t wear it. Glimpsee tees are made from Giza-86 cotton that is combed, gassed, mesmerized and preshrunk. In other words, they will get softer with time and retain their color because they absorb color well.

What do you mean by it is made from the finest long-staple cotton?

Cotton is generally classified into extra-long staple, long-staple and short-staple. Giza-86 Egyptian cotton is the best long-staple cotton because of its strength, high maturity and uniformity factors and the fact that it is hand-picked. It competes in quality with extra-long staple cotton like American Supima. We call it the Porsche® 911 of cotton.

What do you mean by made from Authentic Egyptian cotton?

There are a lot of false advertising related to Egyptian cotton. For example:

  • Growing in other places: Egyptian cotton is unique because of the strain of cotton and the unique environment it grows in. Attempts to smuggle the strain and grow it outside of Egypt produce crops that are inferior in quality.
  • Mixing: Some mix pure Egyptian cotton with cheap Indian or Chinese cotton and still call it Egyptian cotton.